Riverside 500-mile race-California (Jan. 23rd)

For the fourth year running Dan Gurney won the big race for American Saloon Cars (Stock) on the Californian road-racing circuit, covering the 185 laps in the record time of 5 hr. 5 min. 59 sec. Of the 44 starters there were only 16 running at the finish. Gurney drove a 1966 Ford V8 Galaxie.

New Zealand Races

After the New Zealand Grand Prix Graham Hill returned home and his place in the B.R.M. team was taken by Richard Attwood, with Jackie Stewart in the second car. The 1965 B.R.M. cars, fitted with 2 1/2-litre V8 engines, had no really serious opposition during their tour, Jimmy Clark with a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder Coventry-Climax-engined Lotus suffering numerous troubles, so that he could never get to grips with the Bourne cars. The Lotus was the monocoque-cum-tubular chassis built to take the flat-16-cylinder Coventry-Climax engine. Although the local drivers did some spirited driving, they did not have the machinery capable of challenging the Europeans.