Miniatures News, March 1967

Corgi claim that their new Bedford tipper miniature faithfully reproduces the solid short stubby appearance of the original; No. 494 in the Corgi Toys series of die-cast models is four inches long, has a working tipper body, and the distinctive rear-view mirror, convex dished front wheels and concave back wheels of real Bedfords. Finished in blue, with yellow bodywork, it costs 6s. 11d. We find it an excellent container for paper clips.

The other new Corgi is a very detailed Volkswagen breakdown truck, which has a steering wheel in the cab and is replete with working jib crane, tow bar, and plated replicas of tools, batteries, tyres, etc. in a moulded tool chest. This one is No. 490, costing 6s. 9d. Corgi also came out during January with a small replica of the B.M.C. MiniCooper S used by Fall and Wood during last year’s R.A.C. Rally. In other words, it has the rally plates bearing No. 21, extra lamps, sump guard, etc., but no registration plates ! They are now about to offer a model of the Cooper-Mini S driven to victory in the Monte Carlo Rally by Aaltonen and Liddon; No. 177, Reg. No. LBL 6 D. No doubt this will come along in due course.- W. B.