Performance as good as ever

My TR3 is almost 14 years old and has been in my possession for the last 6 years after purchase for £230 from a Nottingham garage.

Although the car has since cost several “little bags of gold” to keep in top condition the performance remains as good as ever with fierce acceleration to an indicated 100 m.p.h. in overdrive third gear and a maximum of over 115 m.p.h. (pre-Castle limits!) in top, with 30 m.p.g. on middle-grade petrol. The car is exhilarating to drive, retains a character of its own, and I feel there is little with which to compare it in the used sports car field.

Handling in dry conditions is a matter of “practice makes (nearly) perfect” whereas handling in the “wet” is a matter for both courage and common sense. I have covered over 75,000 miles in my car, which is metallic blue (Shelby Cobras!!)., and has become quite well known locally, and I would not dream of parting with her despite such jibes as “You must be mental! Brave fellow! Hope it doesn’t snow!” etc., from the MG-B, Mini-Cooper Brigade. The car is at present being re-sprayed and the engine rebuilt by a garage at Rempstone (who specialise in Steam Traction Engines!) ready for next year—a 1949 Morris 8 Series E is giving somewhat slower but reliable service (for the princely sum of £5) in the meantime.

The only real criticism one can possibly have of the TR3s is the restricted cockpit area which makes serious courtship virtually impossible unless you are endowed with double joints!

TR register?—Certainly!—Count me in!
West Bridgford.
David A. Heath