Who's for fresh air?


May I be allowed to commiserate with your correspondent Anthony Smith of Harlington in connection with his letter “Who’s for Fresh Air ?” in the January issue? My family grew too big for an Austin Healey 3000, so 51 years ago I bought a Mini Cooper as a temporary expedient until some manufacturer came up with a full four-seater with adequate performance. (I do not class the Herald/Vitesse convertible as a four-seater; have you ever travelled far in the back seat?) I did have reasonable grounds for hoping that BMC might come up with something presentable, but I fear that their plans were changed when Leyland controlled the balance sheet.

I seriously considered the Crayford convertible, but decided that they did not produce an economic proposition (I have to work hard for my money and am not willing to buy a car with a doubtful resale value). As I had pretty well run the Mini-Cooper into the ground, I purchased a BLMC 1300 GT, again as a temporary measure.

May I therefore be allowed to repeat the anguished cry that surely there must be a market for a family four-seater drophead, and to add to it the suggestion of a modern pre-war Brough Superior?

Thank you for your most readable magazine.

Geoffery Arnett.