Fiat 600 satisfaction

In February of last year, I decided to purchase a new car of under 1,000 c.c. I looked at most types but because of national pride, decided on either a Hillman Imp or BLMC Mini. However, on going to various dealers in this area and although I had no trade in and was paying cash, I could not get satisfactory discounts and/or the colour I required.

On visiting the main Fiat agents for this area however, I found although there was a strike on at Turin, they could supply me with almost any colour and at what seemed a reasonable discount. After examining my requirements and my company’s car allowance scheme, I decided on a Fiat 600D which uses 2-star jungle juice and for which was claimed up to 50 m.p.g. I have now covered 14,500 miles in this car and apart from a few minor problems, mostly small oil leaks, the car has been entirely reliable. It has never failed to start first time, has carried me and my family with luggage on holiday, cruising on the motorway at a speed exceeding its recommended maximum. On making a check on its petrol consumption recently, it did 310 miles on 6 gallons of 2-star petrol and that at a cruising speed of 50 to 60 m.p.h., when I am allowed to by the ever-present mimsets.

On the other side, I do find the acceleration rather tedious and one has to anticipate somewhat when trying to overtake NFAs who insist on travelling at 45 m.p.h. in the middle of the road, NFA by the way is my abbreviation for the “Not Awakes” the middle letter being open to interpretation, and the pulling power up hills leaves a lot to be desired, but all in all I am very satisfied with the car, and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Fiat motoring if all their models are as trustworthy.

Might I just say in closing that I have nothing but praise for the local Fiat distributors, Messrs. Platts Garage of Longton, who have been more than helpful with all the little items which arose during the warranty period and also express the wish that your magazine will continue to amuse, educate and absorb me in the future, as it has during the last 15 years I have taken it.

C.J. Blagg.