The Wellesley Special

Could you please help me find this car because I would be very interested to see it once again.

In 1937 I built this car which consisted of two BSA three-wheelers mounted one behind the other, the front engine driving the front wheels and the back engine driving the back wheels. The two engines were controlled by a single throttle with the right foot and a rocking pedal with the left foot so that the front engine could be accelerated more than the back, or the back more than the front, by pressing the toe or heel.

I raced this car on the 8th May 1937 at Lewes speed trials and was awarded fourth place in the Re-handicapping class. I was 16 years old.

I first built the car as a single-seater using the existing channel iron for the bottom part of the chassis and 1 in. x 1/8 in. angle iron for the upper parts of the chassis.

The next year I cut it to pieces and rebuilt it as a two-seater, using the inch tubing for the upper part of the chassis. I was successful in getting it insured and drove it about a thousand miles on the road. After the war I was short of cash and sold it. I now regret it and wonder where it is. I would be grateful for your help in finding out its present whereabouts.

Richard Wellesley.