"Ideal Pairs"


As suggested in your excellent (as always) February issue on page 153 I am writing to you with a few suggestions as to my ideal pair both with limited or unlimited funds. I was very pleased to see that my two cars appeared in your centre page colour spread—although not paired together, I think them to be ideal for the money. The cars—a 1972 Scimitar GTE auto and a Datsun Cherry (Estate) which, after your report, I hope shortly to have Stage 1 tuned by Janspeed.

However, enough of my cars. Firstly, if I had unlimited funds I would buy a Ferrari Dino 246 GT coupé (£6,000) and a BMW 3.0Si (£4,300) — total £10,300. However, almost the same enjoyment but not perhaps the thrill of owning a Ferrari, could be achieved at much less cost with a V12 F-type roadster or Coupé (say £3,600) and an XJ12 (£3,726), total £7,326, a saving of some £3,000! The only trouble with either the V12 "E." or Dino is that they are totally impractical as grand tourers with hardly any oddments space let alone luggage space. So on that basis I might opt for my fun sporty car of the two being a 2+2. If I was madly extravagant I would go for the sheer opulence of a Jensen Interceptor III or Maserati Indy 4.7 or better still a BMW 3.0 CSL. So, funds unlimited I think I would finally choose a Dino and a 3.0 CSI. if I had no family or a Dino and an XJ12 if had a family.

Now to "limited" funds, say £5,000 (although I wouldn't call that amount all that limited). I think a Lotus Sprint 5-speed (£2,470) for weekend fun, leaving £2,530. If I had no family (as I haven't) I would have the Scimitar GTE. However, if I had a family I would have, as well as the Sprint, a BMW 2002 Tii (£2,500) or a Rover 3500 (no, perhaps a bit sedate!) or a BMW 520 (if it came here under £2,530) or a Ford Granada 3000 GXL. Or maybe a Range Rover Mk. II. If I have to make up my mind I will opt for the Sprint and the 2002 Tii.

On a limited budget of £2,500. I would go for a Ford Mexico with Clubman pack and a Ginetta G15, or MG Midget.

What problems there are with cars! There are still so many good ones. I have forgotten in the exotic range to include the Citroën SM, or a Porsche 911E (I think the 911S is too intractable). Really it is impossible to have one car, whatever price, that is ideal. Two cars do not really compensate. Maybe four! In which case it becomes much easier, a Dino, 3.0CSL, XJ12L and RS1600.

N. J. Edwards.