V-E-V Miscellany, March 1975, March 1975

V-E-V Miscellany. That supposed Lagonda derelict in South London turns out to be a Mk. VI Bentley, sans radiator so if anyone craves a cut-and-shut . . . The Bean CC Magazine for January had an interesting survey of what motoring prospects looked like in 1920, which revealed tho the Government was about to tax cars more heavily, and that a suggested petrol tax might bring the cost per gallon to nearly £2 by ’76, that the Channel Tunnel was about a year away from commencing construction(!), and the Commercial Motor Users’ Association had published a booklet against Nationalisation. Strikes were rife in Britain, where a liaison between British and American interests had come about to build the Overland here, while in America the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was about to go into production. The magazine also continues its Arrol Johnston history and lists 15 known ABC cars out out production run of some 1,500 cars. The Club’s Daffodil Run takes place on April 20th.

The Bulletin of the Morgan 3-Wheeler Club for January contained an article about the Morganing exploits of C. J. Turner, who also raced Bentleys.

A reader in South Africa is anxious to trace the rear-engined 1936/37 Mercedes-Benz cabriolet that he bought in Germany when he was a medical student, or discover a similar model for sale, and we wonder whether anyone can assist? One of the 1906 single cylinder Rovers with a four-seater body was auctioned in the Midlands last year for £3,600. It was described as one of the rare 100-gns. models, possibly unique. The Light Car Section of the VSCC is running an event over part of the RAC Small Car Trial of 1924, in Wales on April 5th, followed by a normal trial on the following day.

V-E-V Odds & Ends. A 1921 Series-16500 Rocket-Schneider is about to be restored in Australia and the owner seeks the fullest possible information about this 95 x 140 mm. 22.4-h.p. 4-cylinder side-valve model, to help with the restoration. Letters can be forwarded. Another car, being restored in this country but so far never registered here, is a 1927 French-registered Type M Amilcar Weymann saloon. The owner of a 1936 20/25 Rolls-Royce was able to start the engine “on the switch”, or rather with the ignition timing lever, after it had been standing idle for a month, he asks, is this a record? Skoda have issued an illustrated booklet about their history from 1894 to 1974.

We deeply regret to have to report the death, in a road accident, of John Griffiths, the well known vintage motorcycle enthusiast and President of the VMCC. Leo Goosen, designer of the Miller racing engines that evolved into the Offenhauser Indianapolis power units, which were the subject of a special article in MOTOR SPORT some time ago, has died in Los Angeles, aged 82. Old cars are seldom seen in Germany these days, at all events in winter, but when we were in Munich recently we noticed a BMW Isetta in use, and at Dover we were followed off the boat by a Tracion Avant Citroën saloon on Continental number plates, which was in a nice state of preservation and appeared to be filled with girls. The Isetta is admittedly a post-war car, and the Citroen appeared to be a late model of its breed. The Napier-Railton, holder of the Brooklands lap-record, is likely soon to be put into original trim by Bob Roberts, its present owner, and Nigel Arnold Forster hopes to have his pre-1914 chain drive 5-litre Bugatti, a sister car to “Black Bess” running this season. There seems a faint possibility that an Austin 7 may attack the International Class-H 10,000-mile record, using the Monza banked track – a record never established. An excellent adventure, outlined in the Newsletter of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club last January. A sponsor is needed, however, to to this in motion, the idea being to use a basically 1931 car with replica glass-fibre Ulster body and a Reliant crankshaft.

The engine from the Laystall Special that was raced at Brooklands has turned up in Bucks. The Yeovil CC Cavalcade of Motoring will take place this year on August 17th at Barwick Park, again with Mercedes-Benz sponsorship. The first annual stationary engine rally is to be held at the NMM at Beaulieu on August 3rd. After publication of very concentrated duplicated news letters, the HCVC is to supplement these with a printed quarterly magazine. Its Brighton Run is scheduled for May 4th, starting from Battersea Park. The Alvis Register is to hold driving tests at Donington Park on June 15th. The 8th Pageant of Motoring at Penshurst Place is due on May 11th. The Miller History is being compiled in California by Mark Dees. For the first time more than 200,000 people visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum at Stuttgart last year. Since 1951 2,351,300 people have passed the turnstiles. A reader in Berkshire wants help in restoring 1934 Bedford 8-cwt. van. Letters can be forwarded. An Australian boat journal has described a pre-1900 launch driven on 300 r.p.m. by a Union gas engine.