Still more about Mercedes

A correspondent, W. S. Wright, refers to the 38/250 SSK coupé owned by Major Coats as later being in the possession of a friend of his who used to lease a shooting estate in Otterburn and in which he was once the passenger when it was taken for a fast early morning run along the Belsey straight-mile. This was approached via a gradual left-hand bend and small bridge at 95, with the blower engaged, after which he saw a flickering 110-115 m.p.h. on the speedometer, the driver, a Commander Paymaster RNVR, fighting the dithering steering wheel and not taking the slightest notice of a crossroads, the view obscured by high hedges, that was encountered three-quarters of the way along the straight. The car is said to have been written off on the A1 when driven by the owner’s chauffeur. Our correspondent bought a 500K Mercedes-Benz, Reg. No. BYN 612, in 1957, with run big-ends. He and his wife got it motoring, after Andrew Barton of Newburn-on-Tyne had rebuilt its engine.—W.B.