That Bucks MG

TBH 355M is a number worth remembering: it could cost you your licence. A Midlands reader warns an that this is the registration of a police MG-B GT V8 being used on the M1, finished in orange anonymous paint. In fact the writer would advise readers to always beware of the sporting car that appears in she mirror, such a sneaky dodge cost one of Autocar’s men his licence a few years back, and a former Motoring News Editor also collected an endorsement on the M1 from a pursuing Jaguar E.

Police attitudes seem to vary sharply from county, to county, but both Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Constabulary, do employ plain cars vigorously on speeding duties. In the West Country the use of plain cars, paint splodges for timing purposes, and even a helicopter above the M3 show how determined the police are to enforce these laws today. The fact that all their systems only really work well in low traffic situations adds to the hypocrisy of the situation.

Private motorists must soon resort to shortwave radio systems with the channel-seeking operation that Swedish rally drivers use in their private cars to keep track of all police movements, whether in the air or on the ground. Perhaps some of you have already licensed such systems? Any comments would be appreciated, in confidence if necessary.