Capri RS3100


Regarding Mr. Tilsley’s letter concerning the Ford Capri, published in the January edition of your magazine.

May I add to the correspondence but with especial reference to the Capri RS3100 model? Has any manufacturer ever produced a better “value for money” car than this, when the priorities are low initial cost; low running cost; high performance and very good handling?

The RS3100 cost under £2,500 in 1974; mine averages 26/27 m.p.g. and will do my usual Hampshire to Cornwall run at night in four hours at over 28 m.p.g. My best ever was 30.1 m.p.g. when driven less briskly. The consumption is checked regularly by averaging three full tank to full tank routines. The car has now done over 50,000 miles and is still on its original exhaust system with the exception of one of the smaller silencers, damaged after grounding. Other replacements include one set of tyres, one set of pads/linings, discs skimmed and the only really unexpected expense, a new alternator at £25.

Performance is still “more than adequate” though I have not done accurate checks recently. When at 6,000 miles it would return 0-50 m.p.h, in under 6 seconds and 50-70 m.p.h, in another 4 seconds. According to the Handbook Supplement for this model the top speed is around 130 m.p.h. although I’ve never exceeded 110 m.p.h. These figures are not adjusted as the error when checked on the clock at 50 m.p.h. was not significant. Handling is precise, predictable and—on tyres with good tread—to a high order. One of the car’s few shortcomings is a degree of discomfort over poor road surfaces.

If any of your readers have knowledge of the actual production figures, I would be very interested.

Wadebridge, Cornwall ROY HARVEY