A Porsche Beetle

I’m getting really confused! On page 159 we have a picture of the Porsche 924, which was designed at Weissach, “Trying Very Hard to be a Porsche”.

Then on page ton top caption: we have a picture of something that looks to me like a Volkswagen described as “The immaculate Autocavan Porsche of Geoff-Thomas”.

Well, I know that Professor Porsche designed the Beetle, but the only conclusion I can draw is that, in the opinion of Motor Sport, Porsche would get better publicity building Beetles. The early Porsche 356 models had a much higher VW content than the 924 does today, but contemporary Press reporters didn’t seem to care in the least. So far as the 924 is concerned the 2-litre injection engine has been substantially modified by Porsche, while the optional 5-speed gearbox which I hope you will try soon is too Porsche,


Press and Public Relations, Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd.

Our poor caption writer is not as daft as he appears. For production reasons he had to write the caption from observation of a distorted reversed-out black and white print in which the VW really did look like a Porsche! Ed.