Nursery on Wheels

Antony Jarvis of Duddington Hall, near Lincoln, is looking for pedal cars — not because of the price of petrol, but to borrow for a major exhibition being mounted at the Hall during August 1982.

This exhibition into be called “The Nursery on Wheels” and will cover the whole history of prams, pushchairs and pedal cars from their earliest beginnings up to the present day.

The word pedal car covers an enormous range of toys from simple trolleys with bar steering, all the way up to elaborate replicas, no long they would have taken the largest drawing room to turn in and so heavy they must have taken a race of super children to propel them.

Any owner or collector who might be interested in leanings pedal car for this exhibition should contact Antony Jarvis at Doddington Hall, Lincoln, LN6 ORU, or telephone (052 274) 227.