ATN addendum

One of Tom Norton’s modifications to the MG chassis of the ATN (Letters, Motor Sport, January 1988) was having the spare set of Porsche IFS from R4D fitted by Horace Richards. It is possible that the next owner of R4D would also have taken over the ATN?

Horace Richards, a great Riley enthusiast, racing with either a “9” engine or a 6-cylinder which he had fitted with a roller bearing centre main, also built the HAR subsequently owned by Colin Clifford of V8 Riley Specials fame.

Horace was less well known for the chassis he constructed mainly for hill-climbing exponents, the Alvis-engined Norris Special for example, which Peter Stubberfield either owned or had ordered. It would be interesting to know what other cars were built on these chassis.

P Whitehorn, Acocks Green, Birmingham