RJ Odell who owns the side-valve Riley sand-racer and a 1923 sports model, has found a rare 1925 Riley Redwing two-seater sports-car (FG 1044), which has not been used for 30 years. To meet the needs of a growing family the pointed tail was removed and a box substituted, but the tail remained with the car (even to the dickey-seat) on its innumerable travels, so Odell is all set for another worthwhile restoration.

The special-bodied T30 Bugatti driven in the 1923 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race by Count Zborowski, and by George Duller and Woolf Barnato at Brooklands, is being restored in Monte Carlo.

A Singer Le Mans enthusiast in California is rebuilding a 1936 two-seater (CBH 594), and has found in America, the 11/2-litre Singer (WP 4970) which Alf Langley drove in the 1934 Scottish Rally, when it finished thirteenth in class out of 59 starters; now a “basket case” with a six-cylinder cross-flow engine, it is apparently not for sale.

The ex-WB Scott 41/2-litre Bentley returned here from the United States two years ago and is being restored. WB