The Golf GTi and its nearest rival.

People say “Aren’t you a little put out by all the other GTi’s around these days?”

Flattered, yes. Put out? No.

After all, most of them take their lead from our very own Golf.

And a fair stab at it most of them make. Some, let it be said, are even a shade foster, and many’s the driver Who’s scared himself half-to-death

trying to prove it.

Which is just our point. You see, a GTi is not only about going fast. It’s about going slow.

It’s about painstaking research and laborious testing.

It’s about designing a chassis that’s more than equal to the demands of high-performance driving.

It’s about a suspension that leaves you stirred not shaken.

And a brake system that’s anything but heart-stopping.

It’s about the patience it takes to apply 7lbs of paint without a drip.

The kind of patience that ensures every ioin fits flush, every seam runs straight, every screw stays screwed.

Frankly, until somebody finds better way to build a GTi, we’re all the competition we need.

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