Over the next few months MOTOR SPORT will be presenting a series of track tests of cars from all of the principle single seater formulas, from Formula First to Formula Three. Formula Renault driver Steve Deeks will be in the driving seat, and in his series of articles will be trying to convey something of what it is like to drive each of the cars. In this, the first article of the series, Steve introduces himself, and we then present a directory of all the single seater cars available giving basic specifications of the cars and contact addresses of the manufacturers. The directory will be useful as a reference work to use in conjunction with the track tests, or for those of you who become inspired enough to try to ascend the dizzy heights of the motor racing ladder it will provide information on the cars and the choice available.

“Who am I, and what qualifies me to present this series of articles? My name badge says ‘Steve Deeks A Rh +’. I am twenty six years old, and am seriously committed to a motor racing career. In forthcoming MOTOR SPORTS I will be reviewing the junior levels of British motor racing with track tests and reports, and will be providing you with an oppurtunity to appreciate the various Formulas that a young driver must pass through en route to the top. Formula First, Ford 1600, Forward, Renault, Vauxhall-Lotus and Formula Three are track tested, together with a look at the politics and personalities behind these championships. At the same time I shall be reporting back from behind the wheel of my Reynard racing car, right in the thick of the action.” Formula First. One make formula. Cars must be raced as supplied with identical specifications. Chassis: tubular spaceframe, riveted undertray. Engine: Ford

XR2 dry sump. Gearbox: Ford, five speed. Suspension: wide based triangulated wishbones. Adjustable camber, toe-in, ride height. Outboard Bilstein shock absorbers. Brakes: 10″ discs. Aeroquip lines. Adjustable bias. Dunlop treaded racing tyres. Six point Willans harness. Built in fire extinguisher. Complies with RAC MSA regs. Three championships: Cellnett Formula First, Regional Formula First, Winter Brands Hatch championship. Details from Brands Hatch Leisure PLC, Brands Hatch Circuits ltd, Fawkham, Kent DA3 8NG.

Formula Forward. One make formula. Cars must be raced as supplied with identical specifications. Chassis: riveted aluminium monocoque. Engine: Modified

Ford DOHC dry sump. Gearbox: Hewland LD200 4 speed. 30 ratios. Suspension: inboard cast aluminium uprights. Bilstein shock absorbers. Wide based triangulated wishbones. Adjustable camber, castor, toe-in and bump steer. Brakes: 10″ discs. Aeroquip lines. Tyres: Uniroyal slick and treaded on 13″ alloy rims. Six point safety harness. Built in fire extinguisher. Complies wih RAC MSA regs. Sixteen round national champioship. Five round winter championship at Brands Hatch. Details from Brands Hatch Leisure PLC (see below left).

Formula Ford 1600 remains the most popular formula (with increasing competition from Formula Renault). There are four championships: two senior, the RAC and BRDC: and two junior, the BRDC and BARC. The regulating factors governing car design are chassis dimensions, weight, engine type (Ford 1600) and tyres. This provides for an intensely competitive formula with numerous chassis manufacturers and engine builders.

Van Diemen International Racing Services ltd, Chalk Road, Snefterton, Norwich, NR16 2J2. 095 387 8195. Chassis: tubular spaceframe, triangulated and stiffened. Riveted and bonded aluminium undertray. Gearbox: Newland LD200. Suspension: push-rod activated, wide based wishbones. Bilstein dampers, dash mounted front, horizontal rear. Aluminium uprights. Adjustable camber, castor, toe-in and bump steer. Brakes: double acting lightweight AP calipers, 10″ discs, aeroquip lines. Cockpit adjustable. Cooling: obliquely mounted aluminium radiators. Complies with all RAC FIA saftey regulations. Braced chassis in cockpit and footwell. Deformable nose box. Foam filled rubber fuel cell. Six point Willans harness. 2.5kg plumbed fire extinguishing system.

Reynard. Fulmar Competition Services ltd, Unit 24, Roman Way Industrial Estate, London Road, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Cam

bridgeshire, PE18 8LN.

0480433280. Chassis: tubular spaceframe. Cast aluminium front bulkhead. Composite nose box. Gearbox: Reynard case in LM25 aluminium, Hewland MK9 internals. Brakes: Lockheed calipers, 10″ discs. Cooling: twin side mounted radiators. Willans six point harness. 2.5kg mechanical fire system. GRP body panels are available in six different colours.

Swift Europe ltd, Unit 4, Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, Nr Norwich, Norfolk. 0953 878276. Chassis: multitubular steel. Selected load bearing rails of SAE 4130 chrome moly tubing. TIG welded. Suspension: (front) cast aluminium uprights. Lower wide based wishbones, front rocking levers and bell-cranks. (rear) Cast aluminium uprights , wishbones, rocking levers. Inboard dampers mounted in gearbox and oil tank mounting module. Bodywork is of lightweight GRP. The 1990 car has a centre of gravity 4.5″ lower than the 1989 car, and frontal area is 18% smaller

Elden Racing cars ltd, 20 Blue Chalet Industrial Park, London Road, West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, Rent. TN15 6BQ. 0474 853840. Chassis: tubular spaceframe, bronze Welded, triangulated. 20SWG undertray. Tubular steel deformable nose. Gearbox: Staffs SM86/10, Hewland LD200 or Hewland MK9. Suspension: fabricated wishbones of unequal length. Horizontal coil Spring dampers, fully adjustable. Brakes: AP lightweight calipers, 9.5″ discs, aeroquip lines. Willans six point harness. Lifeline fire extinguisher system. FIA spec roll over hoops. Impregnated fibreglass available in several different colours.

Mondiale Car Company ltd, Ballo° Crescent, Bangor, Co Down, N Ireland. BT192QY. 0247 452322. Chassis: multi-tube spaceframe using round, square and rectangular section tubing. Bronze welded. Heat treated aluminium undertray riveted to main frame. Gearbox: Staffs SM 86/10 Suspension: (front) Unequal length wishbones. Horizontal damper unit under drivers thigh. (rear) Upper fabricated rocker with tie-rod. Lower wishbone of oval tubing. Heat treated aluminium uprights. Brakes: AP Lockheed lightweight calipers, special discs, Aeroquip lines. Dashboard roll hoop and main roll hoop. Willans six point harness. Lifeline fire extinguisher system. Flexible fuel cell in aluminium container. Nine piece self coloured bodywork in eight colours.

Mantis. Jim Lee Racing, The Old School, Kirkgate, Birstall, W Yorks. 0924 472114. Chassis: multi-tube spaceframe from 4130 and 531 tubing. MIG welded. Gearbox: Hewland MK9 mounted in cast aluminium rear section. Suspension: (front) Top and bottom mild steel wishbones, MIG welded. Four part upright. (rear) Radius rods, toe links, top rocker. Three part upright. Cockpit adjustable anti-roll bars. Glass fibre bodywork with choice of colours. Formula Ford 1600’s are also manufactured by: Orion (see Formula Renault)Unit 16, Protea Way, Letchworth, Herts. 0462 481342/816476

Ray Formula Cars,!! Blue chalet Industrial Estate, West Kingsdown, Kent, TN15 6BQ. 0474 853810 Cooper (contact Alan Cooper 0249 812333). Formula Ford 2000 uses a similar chassis, but with slick tyres, wings and a two litre OHC Ford engine. The formula is now more or less extinct in Great Britain. There is a class for them in one of the monoposto clubs many championships, but most cars

go to America. Cars are available from Van Diemen, Reynard, Swift, Mantis and Elden.

Formula Renault is a relatively new championship to Great Britain, although it has evolved in France over the past 20 years. It is for tubular chassis racing cars using special fuel injected versions of the 1721cc Renault single overhead cam engine, and a Renault five speed gearbox. The cars use slick tyres and wings. There is plenty of prize money on offer in the championship, even down to 20th place, and £1 5,000 is on offer for the first UK championship winner. The Formula is attracting plenty of attention, and many manufacturers see it as the way ahead. Championship coordinator: Robert Fearnall, Two Four Sports ltd, Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby, DE7 2RP. 0332 810048.

Reynard. Fulmar Competition Services ltd, Unit 24, Roman Way Industrial Estate, London Road,

Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE18 8LN. 0480 433280. Chassis: tubular spaceframe, double roll hoop, cast aluminium front bulkhead, composite nose box. Suspension: (front) top rocking lever, wide based lower wishbone. Cast upright. Bilstein shock absorbers. Anti-roll bar. (rear) Top rocking lever, lower wishbone. Cast upright. Bilstein shock absorbers. Anti-roll bar. Brakes: Lockheed lightweight calipers, 10″ discs, Cooling: single side mounted radiator. Fully adjustable wings. Willans six point harness, 5.5 kg mechanical fire system. GRP body panels, 6 available colours.

Swift Europe ltd, unit 4 Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, Nr Norwich, Norfolk. 0953 878276. Designed, using computer aided design, by Luis Fernando Cruz, and based on the FF2000. The 1990 car will feature detail refinements to the successful 1989 car.

Orion, Unit 16, Protea Way, Letchworth, Herts. 0462 481342/ 816476. Chassis: Computer aided design, high tensile TIG welded spaceframe. Suspension: double wishbone, push-rod, with horizontal Koni shock absorbers. Fully adjustable toe-in and camber. Brakes: AP racing calipers, cast steel discs. Adjustment of front/rear on the fascia panel. Bodywork; laminated fibreglass and polyester resin. Aluminium wheels. Cooling by lateral copper plated radiator. Oil cooled by heat exchanger with cooling water.

Elden Racing Cars, 20 Blue Chalet Industrial Park, West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN16 6BQ. 0474

853840. Chassis: multi-tube spaceframe, nickel bronze welded, triangulated. 16SWG Dural undertray. Deformable front. Suspension: fabricated eliptical steel TIG welded wishbones of unequal lengths, horizontal coil spring damper, pull-rod and bell-crank. Brakes: girling calipers, 10.5″ discs, aeroquip lines. Cooling: two lightweight radiators running in series and mounted in sidepod. Willans six point safety harness, 5kg lifeline fire system. RA spec rollover hoops on bulkhead and dash board. Self coloured body work in any colour. Mondiale Car Company ltd, Balloo Crescent, Bangor, Co down, N Ireland. BT19 2QY. 0247 452322. Chassis: multi-tube spaceframe, bronze welded. Bracing in cockpit and footwell. Bulkhead and undertray in heat treated aluminium riveted to main frame. Suspension: (front) unequal length wishbones. Horizontal damper unit under drivers thigh. Heat treated aluminium upright. Adjustable anti-roll bar. (rear) Upper fabricated rocker. Lower wishbone. Upright as front. Adjustable anti-roll bar. Brakes: AP Lockheed lightweight calipers, 237mm discs, Aeroquip lines. Cooling: two radiators in deformable side-pod. Dashboard,

roll-hoop and supports from chrome-moly tubing. Willans six point harness, lifeline fire system. Flexible fuel cell.

Mantis, Jim Lee Racing, The Old School, Kirkgate, Birstall, W. Yorks. 0924 472114. Chassis: multi-tube spaceframe, TIG welded from 4130 tubing. Gearbox: reversed, giving better weight distribution for and aft. Suspension: pushrod with double wishbones. Bitstein shock absorbers, upright at rear, horizontal at front. Cooling: low side-pods with radiators in the flat plane.

Formula Renaults are also manufactured by Van Diemen (0953878195) and Ray (0474 853810).

Vauxhall-Lotus. Single make formula with a twelve round national championship. All cars are to be raced as supplied with limited permissable adjustments to suit the preference of individual drivers. Engines are taken from the GM production line, optimised and sealed. Chassis are built by Reynard to a design validated by Lotus. Chassis: aluminium honeycomb monocoque, cast alloy bulkheads, full steel safety cage, alloy floorplan. Engine: four cylinder 1998cc, compression 10.5:1. Weber 40 DCOE twin choke. Dry sump. Max power 158 bhp at 7000 rpm. Transmission: Hewland MK9 five speed. Suspension: triangulated lower wishbones, upper rockers. White power gas shock absorbers. Adjustable front anti-roll bar, fixed rear. Brakes: solid discs all round, cockpit variable front/rear balance. Wheels/Tyres: techno magnesium wheels, front 6×13, rear 8×13. Bridgestone Potenza slick or wet racing tyres. Fuel tank: rubber bladder inside aluminium casing. Kerb weight: 625 kg. Sales/Spares: Reynard Racing, Telford Road, Bicester, Oxon 0X6 OUY. Contact Alan Harris 0869 321140.

Formula Three: A seventeen round national championship organised by the BARC and BRDC. Two litre tuned, production block engines, with air restrictor, produce approximately 170 bhp. Chassis design is free within HA appendix J Formula Three regulations. Permitted tyres are Avon slick and wet racing tyres (no qualifying tyres). Reynard and Raft are the principle chassis manufacturers, whilst importation of the Dellara chassis, competitive in Italian Formula Three, remains a talked about possibility.

Reynard. Reynard Centre, Telford Road, Bicester, Oxon. 0X6 OUY. 0869 244397. Reynard 903. Chassis: one piece autoclaved, carbon fibrelkevlar, aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque. Floorplan is replaceable aluminium. Bulkheads are carbon honeycomb construction. Solid carbon based roll over structure capped by fabricated steel hoop. Bonded aluminium honeycomb inner floor. Bodywork: glass reinforced plastic. Rear underfloor is of pre preg composite materials. The wings are aluminium. Suspension: (front) upper and lower wishbones with pushrod bell-cranks operating Bilstein Spring/damper units. Cast magnesium uprights. Cockpit adjustable antiroll bar. (rear)Upper and lower wishbones, alloy track control links. Fabricated steel uprights. Cockpit adjustable rear anti-roll bar. Gearbox: Reynard magnesium one piece gearbox/oil tank. Brakes: outboard AP hydraulic calipers, cast iron discs. Cockpit adjustable balance. Front cooling ducts optional. Wheels: cast magnesium alloy Reynard designed. Single bolt fixing, four drive pegs. Cooling: aluminium radiator in lefthand side pod

Ralt. March Engineering ltd, (Colnbrook), A2 Skyway, 14 Colderway, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 OBQ. 0753 681600. (contact John Meale). Chassis: monocoque construction with carbon composite top, wooden floor with composite diffusor. Suspension: push-rod/rocker operation, with cockpit adjustable antiroll bar front and rear. Koni shock absorbers. Front suspension is forward of dryers feet. Brakes: four pot trailing calipers front, two rear. Cooling: single radiator on left-hand side. Willans six point safety harness. Dual cylinder engine and cockpit fire system (5 and 2.5 kg). Optional life support. Extensive wind tunnel testing has lead to body modifications, and weight has been concentrated at the polar moment (engine is four inches further forward). CSR-W