Project J5



Project J5


DSJ asks to what purpose is J5 being built (Letter to Readers, February 1989). J5 is being built just for the hell of it; the specification was laid down in early 1955 and what is being built now is not a Connaught but a car to that specification. The spec. was known as J5 so we call our car J5.

It is being built for no other purpose than to give the people concerned interest, pleasure and fun. The level set is to stay as close as possible to Connaught 1955 standards and thinking, to see what we end up with, and how it will compare with the ‘B’ series Connaught.

It is accepted that there is no VSCC category or historic category into which the completed car will fit, so that it may never be used competitively, but so what? The pleasure, interest and straightforward fun is in the building. The only signs of “hysteric” seem to be in DSJ’s column; he should have picked up his telephone and talked to David Sadler, Jim Stokes or myself before leaping into print there was ample time to do so between the unwanted publicity in the November 1989 issue of that particular magazine and his screed in MOTOR SPORT, February 1990. I don’t think Rodney Clarke’s spirit will be frowning down on us; more possibly

fidgetting because he can’t join us. C E JOHNSON Woking, Surrey