Initial Interest


I noted WB’s comments (MOTOR SPORT December 1991) regarding the difference between the way Parry Thomas and Mike Hawthorn have been treated regarding plaques, with interest.

As Mike and I are local boys I followed his exploits with interest. My only encounter with him was when I was in the Air Training Corps doing marshalling duty at the local Air Show. He ran me down! He was in a helicopter at the time! I saw this great grinning blond figure flying straight at me. I hoped I would not flinch and that my beret would not fly off. I didn’t and it it didn’t. I think Mike appreciated that.

That was just fun but the fun ran out at 80mph on the Guildford Bypass shortly afterwards. I did what any teenager would do and took my father’s car (without permission) and drove it at the same speed (or as near as my dad’s car would get to it) as a tribute to Mike. It was only when garaging the car (without getting caught) that I realised that if I put an M in my initials Mike and I had the same, John Michael Hawthorn, John Maurice Heward. I have signed myself J M H ever since.

J M Heward,