Pictures from an exhibition

The London Motor Racing Show took place in mid-February, sponsored by the Daily Express in association with Motoring News and MOTOR SPORT.

Reintroduced to the capital in 1992, the event has developed considerably in the past 12 months, with a massive increase in floorspace and a corresponding rise in the number of exhibits. There was greater diversity, too, with several opportunities for audience participation. An indoor karting circuit was incorporated within the main exhibition area and the array of rowing machines on the Race Fit stand was made available to fitness fanatics and masochists.

Many of the sport's leading lights attended during the four days, and David Kennedy, of organiser 3D Events, says that he intends to expand the show's size and appeal yet further in 1994.

This year, there were 160 exhibitors (more than twice the 1992 total) and around 35,000 visitors (a rise of eight per cent).