VSCC at play in Weybridge

The Vintage Sports Car Club took its winter driving-tests to Brooklands on January 13; rather early in the year, weather-wise for such frolics, you might think.

Then think again. The tests for the Monte Carlo Rally used to be practised there before the war, and the JCC held its DTs at the track in February, experiencing snow on one occasion. Anyway, 80 entries were received by the VSCC, proving yet again that vintage car enthusiasts pay little attention to the climate when venturing out. The only non-starters were Rouse’s Alvis Speed 20, Gallop’s MG Midget, Smith’s PB MG, Macdonald Smith’s Riley Special and Brown’s 1929 4 1/2-litre Bentley. Moreover, three Edwardians ventured out. Holt shared his 1911 RMC-Seabrook (described in January’s MOTOR SPORT) with Hickling, who used to be Dodge-propelled, the forthcoming president Barry Clarke presented his little 1913 Singer Ten and the 1911 Marion of Ian Rendall completed the trio.

Nine tests had been laid out on the hallowed site, all of which used to be open to visitors. These days, they find themselves confined to the paddock and its immediate surroundings. In fact, something went wrong with test nine, but no doubt the other eight were enough for many.

The Light Car Award was won by A.Hall’s 1928 unmodified A7. First Class Awards were achieved by A Ritchief (1928 Riley 9), Mrs Threlfall (1927 A7) and D Marsh (1925 Brescia Bugatti), Seconds by M Kipping (1926 Humber), A Tarring (1927 Humber), R Leigh (1928 A7) and B Savile (1934 Singer 9) and Thirds by A Jones (1929 A7), R Dainty (1927 A7), M Dawes (1929 Riley 9), H Avon (1925 Brescia Bugatti), N Streeter (1922 Vauxhall), T Tarring (1927 Frazer Nash), J Bayne-Powell (1931 MG Midget), R Wheatland (1935 Singer 9), C Marsh (1925 Bugatti) and M Blake (1928 Frazer Nash).