VSCC Measham Rally

Although this event's title remains that of the area from which the first of the VSCC's adventurous night rallies were run, the terrain has changed since then. This year, it moved to the wide open spaces of Yorkshire. Sixty-two competitors, in eminently suitable vehicles bar, perhaps, the absence of heaters, were prepared to face the rigours of the dark hours. Of these, 55 actually started and a mere nine failed to finish.

It would be uncharitable to decide whether car, driver or navigator was the cause of these retirements, but those that did not finish were a Frazer Nash, a Bentley, a Railton, a Morgan, a Riley, an A7, an MG, a Ford and a Crossley, from which nothing sinister can be deduced.

The coveted Measham Trophy was won by the 30/98 Vauxhall which Anabel Jones navigated for her father; it won by a considerable class points-margin. The Post-Vintage Thoroughbred Trophy went to P Cattell/T Cork (1933 Riley), the Jeddere-Fisher Trophy to K Burnett/J Warburton (Alvis) and the Novice Award to R Prest/H Atkins (Alvis). Apart from these excellent performances, first class awards were won by D Marsh/C Robinson (30/98), B Collings/R Collings (Bentley), G Tomlin/A Tomlin (Alvis), J McEwen/C Wheeldon (Riley) and P Hart/D Smith (Humber), second class awards by K Hyland/A Atkinson (Alvis), T Clark/K Pendlebury (Salmson), R Hutchings/P Selwyn-Smith (BMW), J Harris/A Costigan (Lagonda) and P Jelley/H Jelley (Austin), who also netted a VCC award. Those taking third class awards were P Roberts/S Tonkin (Alvis), P Harris/R Burton (Bentley), R Parsons/B Wildsmith (Morgan 3-wheeler), R Parker/T Tennent (Alvis), P Binns/D Filseell (Riley). M Clark/N Street (A7) and Jane Arnold-Forster/R Threlfall (Alvis).