Anthony Mayman

To say that the news of Anthony Mayman's sudden death at the early age of 43 came as a profound shock is an understatement. The sad tidings devastated members of the VSCC, at whose events Mayman had been one of the fastest, and most successful, drivers of recent times, using the famous ex-Raymond Mays ERA R4D and the ex-Bruce Halford Lotus 16.

Serious about his sport, yet generous to a fault when it came to loaning his equipment to other drivers, Mayman had been planning another season with his favourite cars, expecting to extract more from them than ever before. That, sadly, is not to be.

Impressed at watching Douglas Hull in action at the wheel of ERA RI I B, Mayman was inspired to have a go himself, and he started his career in an Osca at Aston Martin OC meetings.

He joined the VSCC in 1984, and shot to the fore at the wheel of an ex-Rosier Ferrari and the aforementioned R4D. Although he seldom discussed his interest in aviation, Anthony owned and flew a Hawker Hurricane and also had a Gloster Gladiator.

He is survived by his wife, Claire, and three young children, Andrew, Oliver and Emma. To them, and to his many friends and associates within vintage racing circles, MOTOR SPORT extends its deepest condolences.