Sponsorship may or may not seem distasteful to you, but you cannot but admire, surely, Guy Edwards, author of Sponsorship and the World of Motor Racing, reviewed in MOTOR SPORT last month, for enduring miserable door-to-door selling, here and in Europe, to enable him to get a start in motor racing?

Since penning the review, a few more thoughts and observations have occurred to me.

Incidentally, the book contains several reminders that a recession is nothing new!

Guy's endeavours led to the creation of Guy Edwards International, which put together sponsorship for Jaguar's sports car programme and is now formulating backing for Team Lotus in F1.

Edwards knows all there is to know about motor racing, which makes his story even more fascinating. He tells of how he took gold instead of money to get Mike Thackwell a drive, was awarded the QGM for his part in pulling Lauda from his burning Ferrari, how objections to Durex decals were overcome and he marvels at the energy of Keke Rosberg. In that direction, Guy has not been too badly endowed himself!