VSCC Measham Rally



The VSCC opened its 1994 season traditionally on January 5/6 with the Measham Night Rally, this time in the Yorkshire Dales, its title derived from years ago when the event started and finished (with a free breakfast, as I recall) at the Measham Motor Auction Centre in the Midlands. This time it began from Lightwater Theme Park near Ripon, with 62 drivers and navigators prepared to take part in their vintage cars over 195 nocturnal miles, attempting to clock-in accurately at 25 time-controls. In fact, two of these were cancelled after a delay had been caused by a farmer who thought a pirate event was in progress and took it upon himself to block a lane with his Land Rover. The police arrived and told him that unless he removed the vehicle immediately he would be in trouble, as this was an approved event and they had been informed of its route — all clubs note how important it is to make sure the latter requirement is not neglected.

Two Riley 9 Specials, a supercharged MG Midget and a 1927 Ansaldo non-started, leaving 58 crews raring to go, on a cold, slippery night, but over an enjoyable route. The Parker/Tennent Alvis and Fleet/Dunkerley Frazer Nash retired early, the Alvis with a duff magneto, followed by Martin/Freeman (Frazer Nash) with oil-pump failure, the Rippons’ Bugatti, the Bumett/Warburton Alvis, Reg Nice’s A7, Milne-Taylor/Mrs. Taylor, when their Morgan 4/4’s clutch gave out, Mrs Bond’s Morris and the 1923 Crossley of Campey/Thourgood. Class 1 competitors were excused two of the time controls.

Measham Trophy: K Hyland/A Atkinson (1929 2,148 c.c. Alvis).

Jeddere-Fisher Trophy: P Hart/D Smith (1930 2,100 c.c. Humber).

PVT Trophy: P Cattell/T Cork (1933 1,633 c.c. Riley).

Best Novices: Welsh/W Teague (1925 2,996 c.c. Bentley).

Preston & Distrtict VCC Award: P & J Jelley (1929 2,245 c.c. Austin).

First Class Award: Winder/Barton (1926 Alvis).

Second Class Awards: Tomlin/Tomlin (1932 Alvis), Hill/Wilcock (1936 AC), Miss Winder/Carr (1934 A7), Gordon/Ackworth (1936 Frazer Nash), Prest/Atkins (1930/31 Alvis).

Third Class Awards: Hutchings/Selwyn-Smith (1937 FN-BMW), Thomas/Thomas (1934 s/c MG Midget), Jones/Filsell (1923 30/98 Vauxhall), Clark/Pendlebury (1925 Salmson), Marsh/ Robinson (1923 30/98 Vauxhall), Baker/Barker (1927 Rolls-Royce). W B