Peking - Paris is go

Over 80 crews have already entered for the Peking to Paris challenge, due to start in September 1997 on the 90th anniversary of the great 1907 achievement. A first briefing at Brooklands Museum outlined a route which stretches 10,000 miles across Asia and Europe, and includes a climb to 17 000ft over the Himalayas. the highest piece of road there is.

Organiser Philip Young has eschewed the original route across Mongolia (“too easy says he) for a run through Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Iran, before Turkey signals the arrival in Europe. One stop is at the Everest base-camp, and there are several deserts to cross. Most crews will fly out, but one bunch of sticklers for accuracy have decided to drive out via the Mongolian route — Alasdair Caldwell in his Daimler Majestic, and the unstoppable Nobles, who are -resting” their Continental Bentley and instead exercising the magnificent Lanchester 40. Another name of note is Lord Selsdon, following a family calling with a DB5 Aston.

Entries have arrived from 21 countries so far, but Young says he has enough Bentleys, thank you, instead he’d like more unusual cars such as the 1930 Delage, 1921 Fournier cyclecar and Citroen 2CV already signed up. Oldest machine so far is the Prince Henry Vauxhall of Lord Montagu, though a surprising half of the field is pre-war. If your car can breathe rarified air and carry a tent (crews will have to camp in the desert at times). contact Rally House on 01235 851 291 (fax 01235 851 292)