MCC - 95 years old

The Motor Cycling Club was founded in 1901 and intends to mark its 95th year with its End-to-End Touring Trial on May 28/30. MCC events, are open only to members, with a few exceptions. But the MCC deserves the greatest support and respect for having continued, since pre-WW1 days, its three long distance trials, the Exeter, Land’s End and Edinburgh, retaining those testing night sections in the two first-named. Entries for this year’s Land’s End Trial on April 5/6, the 75th in the series, have closed, but those intending to spectate may wish to note the times of the first scheduled motorcycle arrivals. Some of the more traditional observed sections are Sugs Lane, 21.55 (map reference. 183/522286); Beggars Roost, 01.45(180/720477): Darracott, 05.00(190/232173); Crackington, 07.00 (190/157962); Bluehills Mine, 11.15 (204/727517). Starting points are Exeter, Basingstoke and Bristol, from 17.15 on April 5, the finish Land’s End, with a special test, from 13.45 on April 6.

Having told you that, for goodness sake please take care to arrive early and not obstruct the competitors, while parking or en route. Potential helpers should contact the Chief Marshal, Les Bowles, 27A High Street, Little Bytham, Grantham, Linos NG33 40J. MCC events are open to car as well as motorcycle competitors and the Secretary of this, the oldest of Britain’s sporting motor clubs, is Geoff Margetts, Havenbank, 21 Madresfield Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2AS. The Testing Trial will be held on July 14. W B