V-C Miscellany, March 1996

Charles Atkinson, who has owned his 30-98 Vauxhall 0E28 for some eleven years, succeeds David Marsh as the 30-98 Registrar. He is also engaged in AECC activities, with the intention of installing Liberty V12 aero-engines in 1926 model-AE and 1928 model-AK Minerva chassis.

Grand Prix Models tell us that they are importing from Italy FB Model’s handmade Alfa Romeo 8C-2900 miniature, which carries the number 4 to represent the car driven at Brooklands in the “Fastest Sportcar” challenge in 1939 by Hugh Hunter. It is a very limited edition, to 1:43 scale, and costs £135.

Tony Fall, former Mini, Datsun and Lancia team driver, will be the Guest Speaker at the annual dinner/dance of the Historic Rally Car Register at Stratford on Avon on February 24.