Cars in the UK Volume Two: 1971-1995

Cars in the UK Volume Two: 1971-1995, by Graham Robson. MRP, £19.95

The second volume of Robson’s incredibly detailed directory of UK car production to date (his first covered 1945-1970) is a stupendous work because it covers just about everything any researcher, historian or motor trade enquirer needs to know on the subject. It must have been a gargantuan chore, which the almost inhumanly industrious Graham seems to thrive on, and one which I hope will not usher in the rationing of paper. In 304 276 x 219mm pages, 142 of which are close-knit car specifications, he deals with make changes along the years, production statistics, technical changes, price comparisons, performance data, company ownership and export and import tables. Extraordinary.

Here is a valuable reference work which will be of benefit not only to serious enquirers but should also be a boon to budding authors who are keen to write about one or other aspect of the modem motoring scene. They will find so much already done for them. WB