What to look out for:


Sills behind stainless steel sill trim.

Jacking points and outriggers.

Rear radius arm pick-up points.

Rear cross member above differential.

Fuel cover underneath offside rear footwell.

All footwells especially forward affronts.

Boot floor

Wing bottoms aluminium corrosion above s/s sill finishers.

Aluminium corrosion around front and rear screen.

Wing tops by top of A-posts.

A-B-post bases.

Door bottoms.

Fuel flap hinges.


Seized bonnet hinges.

Rear boot seal Water Ingress.

Battery tray.

Battery cut-off switch.

Fuel pump No longer than 18 seconds per pint delivered.

Radiator Copper oxide and water present around base of radiator.

Window lifts Windows should open and close very quickly.

Water ingress Will cause smogging to occur on windows when air conditioning is operational.

Horns Water ingress in town horns.

Air compressor on country horns.

Electric mirrors Early click/click type now obsolete.

Tyres 255/15 now obsolete.

Driving Vehicle should be free of any vibrations at any speed. Little or no wind noise should be present.

Body work Pay attention to shut lines and accurate fit of doors, bonnet and boot.

Bumpers Very costly.. Beware of examples that have been replated or require replating as they are pretty thin to begin with.


Salisbury Limited Slip Bullet proof. Check LS clutch plates by rotating rear wheel when both are free of the ground. Slight leakage not uncommon. They do not whine unless ill.


Oil pressure 80psi at 3000 rpm at normal operating temperature.

Water temperature 900C under normal continuous operation.

Oil temperature 70-900C under normal continuous operation.

Cam cover D-plugs Should not be bulging or soft.

Cam cover gaskets Should have no leaks

Front timing chain seal Common area for oil leaks

Timing chains Should be replaced at approximately 80,000 miles together with tensioners.

Water hoses Replace if hard.

Vacuum pipes Check for brittleness and leaks

Ranko heater valve 3-4 year life span.

Valve clearances These should be checked and adjustments made approximately every 20,000 miles or so.


Shock absorbers Check for leaks.

Front king pins and gaiters

Wishbone rubbers

Brake reaction strut rubbers

Wheel bearings


PAS Pulsing (on/off) power assistance) when cornering. Most noticeable when navigating roundabouts.


Front and rear discs Check condition for pits and scores, heat cracking and corrosion to ventilation channels. Check condition of rear disc retaining bolts any missing heads indicate rear differential/brake assembly will require removal for rectification. In operation and vibration through brake pedal indicates rectification is needed.


ZF 5-speed manual gearbox Bullet proof: characteristic quirks are baulking at second gear when cold, rumbling in neutral when hot.

Automatic Very strong, with the exception of those fitted with lock-up torque converter where hard use results in early failure. Changes should be very smmoth with no fiare-ups. Much more responsive change-down when fitted with Trans-go Shift Kit.