Season's Meetings




It was very interesting to hear my iconclasm produced such a response. Even on reflection, I stand by the points made in my original letter in which I suggested the sacred cow of Goodwood merited some critical analysis. Kirk Rylands’ response illustrates my concern precisely. Kirk suggests the meeting was an occasion to stand comparison with Henley, Ascot or Wimbledon. With the possible exception of Wimbledon these events have fallen victim to becoming part of `the season’. How many of the braying hordes at Henley are interested in rowing? What percentage of the behatted throng of Ascot attend any other meeting? We have already seen what has happened to the Silverstone GP first it was the Mansell mania (from which God preserve us); it has now degenerated into a feeding frenzy for the corporate hospitality industry.

But I was most touched by Mike Anthony’s letter inviting me to join him for the ’99 Festival. Armed with equal amounts of scepticism and open-mindedness I will make the effort to attend next year’s Festival, although Mike’s offer of the loan of a flat cap will not be necessary (they’re standard issue for Yorkshiremen). And if Mike’s team is able to race at either Cadwell or Croft in ’99 I will donate a magnum of Champagne for their efforts. We will then be able to drink a toast to the fact that there is historic motor racing other than in Sussex.

I am, yours, etc. John Aston, Thirsk, North Yorkshire