Measham Thanks




I write regarding an injury I sustained during the VSCC’s Measham rally, not while driving but, rather less heroically, answering a call of nature.

Everyone in the VSCC has been exceptionally kind and I must thank in particular John Gill and Bob Chapman for visiting me in hospital bearing gifts. Thanks also to the two people who stopped and drove miles to ring for an ambulance. Without doubt helping me ruined their chances on the rally; sadly I have no idea who they are but perhaps if they read this they will realise how grateful I am.

It was a great event and I will be competing again just as soon as I am able to operate a clutch.

I am, yours, etc. Jonathan Frankel, Winkheld Row, Birkshire

(A prize toll be offered to the first person this season to suffer a motorsport-related injury in circumstances more ridiculous than those oulined above. Entries on a postcard please -ed)