French rejection


I was shocked to read your 100 Greatest Drives. There will always be differences of opinion, but not to include Main Prost among your list is hard to swallow for a Frenchman.

I did not agree with the comment of Henry Hope-Frost who ‘pretended’ that Senna had won the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix and that Stefan Bellof (later disqualified) had finished second. Yes, the victory was a gift from the race director, but a gift justified by the written rules.

I like to ‘pretend’ that Prost won the 1988 world championship. He scored 11 points more than Senna, but lost the world title to him under the ‘best 11′ scores’ rule.

With no offence to Häkkinen, Coulthard and Montoya, Schumacher does not have to share the victories with Piquet, Mansell, Lauda, Rosberg and Senna, as Prost did.

So, if you make an alternative list placing Prost in 101st, make sure you apologise to the person ranked 102nd for choosing the Frenchman ahead.

I am, Yours etc, Gerard Dumas, Victoria, BC, Canada