Haynes great cars: AC Cobra

By Rinsey Mills

ISBN 1-85960-849-3

Published by Haynes, £19.99

Not another one, I hear you cry. But stand by — this one is worth reading. Mills augments this well-known story with much factory detail new to me at least, talks to AC employees, and reveals photos not seen before of the prototypes, bucks and build-ups of early Cobras. Adverts, badges and brochures enrich the look, which mixes period photos with studio shoots of significant Cobras and memorabilia — even Ken Miles' race suit.

Mills offers plenty of technical meat and goes into fine detail on the differences between the Shelby, Willment and AC coupes, and helpfully chops his text into headlined handfuls, making it simple to navigate. And despite packing in plenty of history as well, the whole is commendably concise. Excellent value, too. GC