Antony Noghes



The father of both the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Rally was born on September 13, 1890 and died on August 2, 1978.

He fathered a daughter and two sons One of those sons, Gilles, is the UN Ambassador for Monaco. Gilles remembers his father, a civil servant the agent-general in charge of tobacco distribution in the principality as: “a gentleman, well respected in Monaco and the international racing community. He was a wise man, with a practical mind, warm and generous.

“He was also an accomplished sportsman, including boxing, rowing (champion of the Mediterranean in Venice) and cycling He also enjoyed watercolour painting. As a young man he lived in Bath for a time to study English and took part in bicycle racing there.”

After serving as president of the sporting arm of the club, Antony Noghes succeeded his father Alexandre as president of the Automobile Club de Monaco in 1940 and kept the position until retiring in 1952, though he was Race Director for the Grand Prix in 1960 and ’61.”

In the 1960s he played an important part in Monaco politics. He became a member of the national council and when the constitution was suspended by the Prince, was named President.