Daydreaming drives

In this month’s magazine we touch on a number of those dream drives. We all have them, whether you want to be Mario Andretti in a black and gold Lotus powering out of Tarzanbocht at Zandvoort, or Sandro Munari flat-out in his Lancia Stratos, cleverly linking together some quick corners as a narrow San Remo Rally stage dips and rises. Or maybe you want to be sitting in a Lola T70 on the front row of the grid at Thruxton, readying yourself for the start of the race, thinking of how to stay ahead of the other T70s into the first turn, or racing an Alfa Romeo in the first Monaco Grand Prix back in 1929… 

There’s all that and more in this issue. On page 32 Simon Taylor has lunch with Mario Andretti in the driver’s home town of Nazareth and chats with him about his dirt-track days, NASCAR, Champ Car, F1 and haggling over money with Enzo Ferrari. We have a special profile of a works Lancia Stratos on page 47, and are pleased to have the second of three photo galleries featuring the wonderful work of Roger Lane (page 92). And Mark Hughes takes a look at how the world’s most glamorous motor race, the Monaco GP, was born (page 62).

Whatever your era, there’s plenty of material for daydreams.

Richard Robinson, Editor