Ferrari Classiche

Owners of classic Ferraris can now have their cars officially restored, maintained, recognised and certified by the Maranello factory itself

Inside the imposing main gate of the Ferrari factory at Maranello is to be found a new venture for the famous Italian manufacturer.

 Even if you have never been lucky enough to own a Ferrari you may have made that holiday diversion to Maranello and stood outside the gates. Or perhaps you’ve peered over the wall at Fiorano in the hope of glimpsing a grand prix car on the Scuderia’s test track. This place, after all, comes second only to the Vatican for many Italians.

For those who do own one of the red cars, this latest development is aimed at improving customer service. Called ‘Ferrari Classiche’, the service offers owners of classic Ferraris the opportunity to have their cars checked by the factory and to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity.

Inside those gates at Maranello, with their evocative black Prancing Horse badges, is an area specially set aside from the everyday bustle and dynamics of this hallowed ground. Here will be found all the facilities for restoration and eventual certification of cars that are more than twenty years old.

This is a most welcome opportunity for owners of classic Ferraris to have their cars officially recognised and certified, as well as thoroughly checked, by the factory itself rather than by a dealer they may not know or completely trust.

Tony Willis from Ferrari GB is anticipating a lot of interest in this new project. “Every Ferrari owner is an individual and has his, or her, own special needs and requirements. The beauty of Ferrari Classiche is that it offers owners of classic cars a range of opportunities, not simply the Certificate of Authenticity which gives them a proof of provenance, a valuation and the eligibility to join in official Ferrari events,” he explains.

Surprisingly, most of the cars manufactured since Enzo Ferrari founded the company back in 1947 are still in existence, even if they are not all in perfect running order. The authenticity of cars acquired from reputable and approved dealers is rarely in any doubt, but the chance to obtain a Certification of Authority from the headquarters in Italy will appeal to many owners, especially if they are planning to sell.

“To be certified the car has to be in complete working order,” says Tony Willis. “That’s the most basic requirement. Then the factory will make detailed checks on the chassis, the engine, the transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, bodywork and interior.”

There is also a restoration and maintenance service contained within the new Classiche programme. Thanks to the use of technical drawings and special tooling at the factory, the restoration work will draw on the expertise and equipment that was previously kept hidden at Maranello.

Over and above this a spare parts service has been added to the Classiche programme, the original factory moulds being used to make castings and structural components when and where they may be needed.

“In some cases, for those cars originally registered in the UK, it may be possible for us to supply owners with copies of the original documents that have always been held in the archives of Maranello Concessionares,” says Tony Willis. “That will appeal to many of our owners, especially those who have a real interest in the heritage of Ferrari.”