Richard Heseltine
A handsome Italian body with German underpinnings – no, not Heseltine, but the BMW M1 he drives this month. Created against a background of acrimony and corruption and then orphaned at birth, this good-looking survivor deserves more attention, Richard reckons. As our devoted Latin correspondent (he has just bought yet another Alfa Romeo saloon), this constitutes quite a concession…

Paul Fearnley
Paul had to brush up his French to get the inside story of that dramatic 1973 season when Ferrari and Matra fought for the sports car championship. It was a battle for national honours, and the drivers remember it still. One-time editor of this august title, Paul’s childhood was spent in vintage cars travelling to and from VSCC races – and despite that the passion for racing of all sorts has never left him.

Joe Saward
Recent events in F1 set many asking just who exactly are the people that sit on the FIA World Council and how does this body work. With his many connections in F1, notably in his post as editor of the website, Joe was well placed to investigate and provide the answers. Quite a contrast to working on his recent book Grand Prix Saboteurs, about Grover Williams, Benoist and Wimille during WWII.