Frank's hard sell



A 1975 sponsor brochure offers a great snapshot of F1 ‘pre-Bernie’

It will cost £250,000 to field a competitive two-car team in the 15 events of the World Championship. £50,000 is recoverable in start monies and other assistances. So £200,000 is required to finance the team for the 1975 season. This covers all expenses including the construction of new cars, new engines, team maintenance, salaries and travel.

The sponsor could enter the team and cars in his name and colours. The cars and drivers would be available for promotional appearances, television advertisements and other methods of public exposure. F1 racing gives sponsors an international showcase with which to display their products and services to the world.

The average affendance at each of the 15 Grands Prix throughout the world is 100,000. This means a direct audience of 1,500,000. The races are covered by the wire services with a European following of an estimated 50,000,000 readers. But an accurate picture of overall media exposure is difficult to judge. An indication of the degree of its audience can be assessed by the 1974 British GP.
This race was televised to 20 countries including Brazil by satellite. Estimated audience in this case was 200 million. Eleven countries took live radio commentaries. The North American specialist press with a readership of four million also covered this race. This total audience was predominantly male (70 per cent) and had a high ABC] demographic profile.