Cosworth conversations




I look forward to Motor Sport coming through the letterbox each month and always turn first to Simon Taylor’s Lunch with… interview. I’ve never been disappointed – thanks, Simon.

I especially enjoyed the one with Mike Costin. In the ’90s I lived at East Haddon, just north of Northampton, and many a Sunday afternoon I would hear the bikes scrambling up on the hill so would wander up to have a look. Often there would be another spectator who had crossed the road from his house – he didn’t know me but I knew he was Keith Duckworth. We always exchanged pleasantries – nice man.

Later on I owned a Westfield which in the summer I would sometimes drive to a farm outside Northampton to buy fresh asparagus.

One day I came out of the farm shop to find a man all over my car – underneath as well. He said he just wanted to see how these types were constructed these days as he used to work for Lotus. He said his name was Costin so I said “Mike Costin?” “Yes”. We had a long chat about cars and racing. Heaven on earth – lovely man.

Keep up the good work – you’re still the best.

Andrew Forsyth, Capel, Surrey