Digital delight

I was sitting on a sunny, hot, Thai beach thinking Christmas doesn’t get any better than this, when the ‘ether postman’ suddenly delivered the latest issue of Motor Sport.

Wow. This is exactly what an iPad is for, in my eyes, and Motor Sport excels with breathtaking photography that leaps out of the glass ‘page’, quality insightful content and intelligent interactivity at every turn, with more petrolhead bells and whistles than a kid’s Fisher-Price activity centre.

I have devoured every page of Motor Sport since 1976: it gets better and better and the digital edition just takes it to the next level. My pristine paper copy gets filed, unblemished by human hand, these days, and I take the e-version on my travels.

I just felt it would be rude not to say a big ‘Thank you’. To my mind you’re always at ten tenths.

Iain Gordon, Sherfield-On-Loddon, Hampshire