Memories of Bev Bond

I was sad to read the Bev Bond obituary in last month’s issue, but it brought back memories of his career in karting during the Sixties – something that provided the impetus for his subsequent success in 1000cc F3.

Bev was a top-notch driver in the Class IV gearbox category and moved up to F3 at a similar time to a number of others, like Chris Lambert, Roger Keele, Barrie Maskell and Tony Dean, all of whom had taken a similar path. When not competing myself, I was occasionally persuaded by Richard Cove – the RAC karting chief at that time – to do some scrutineering at major Class IV events. That allowed me to see some of Bev’s machines at close quarters and they were always well prepared.

Bev produced some karts of his own design such as the one pictured (above right) at Little Rissington in the mid-Sixties. Bev also drove occasionally in Class I 100cc-engined karts. In the 1965 Shenington Six Hours endurance he was partnered by my brother, Roger Davis, to second overall, two places ahead of myself and Ray Baker in our Birel Guazzoni.

He was a real character and also a great competitor.

Andrew Davis, Hanley Swan, Worcs