Big cats on the prowl

The specialist who has built more SS100s than Jaguar

Spiralling values of many iconic classics – and the fact they’re being tucked away as investments rather than driven – makes any stigma about faithful, high quality reproductions like those built by Suffolk Sportscars less of a barrier for enthusiasts. Far more than lookalike kits, its SS100s are six-figure builds constructed using parts designed and fabricated in-house.

“It’s all to the correct spec,” says Fraser Williams, his love for classic Jaguars maintaining family tradition and inherited from his father and grandfather.
“Everything is interchangeable and we’ve provided parts like radiator surrounds and windscreens for restorations of genuine SS models – they all fit.” Production of the Suffolk SS has recently exceeded that of Jaguar’s original run too, more than 320 of its cars now with owners across the world.

The same care and attention is lavished on the C-types Suffolk also builds, these XK-engined replicas available in part-GRP for about £90,000+VAT or with full aluminium bodies for £120,000. They’re not full race-spec cars but make for hugely enjoyable and – crucially – usable classics that owners can drive in confidence.

Suffolk is sole agent for for its reproductions and sells them alongside genuine Jaguars and other vehicles Fraser and his colleagues enjoy. Hence the sight of an ’80s Alpina they acquired purely on the basis that it’s cool. Enthusiastic, expert and happy to be supported by local specialists, Suffolk is proud of its British roots and ability to bring its love of Jaguars to a worldwide audience.