The Porsche fit to lead a peloton: Parting Shot

No stranger to oversized rear wings, Porsche adapted a 935 Turbo to offer aero-assistance in a cycle speed record

Henri Pescarolo and Jean Claude Rude with Porsche 935 modified for cycling speed record


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August 23, 1978

Volkswagen test track, Wolfsburg, West Germany

Jean Claude Rude cycles behind modified Porsche 935 Turbo in cycling speed record attemptPro cyclist Jean-Claude Rude, left, prepares to break the 127.2mph cycling speed record behind an adapted Porsche 935 Turbo driven by Henri Pescarolo, right. At 100mph, the bike’s rear tyre broke and became entangled between the frame and wheel. Rude skidded and came to a halt unhurt.
A second attempt was unsuccessful, and Rude would never break the speed record