Good Entries but Mild Racing at Brooklands.

THOUGH the above meeting attracted a very large A concourse of spectators, the afternoon’s sport cannot be described as thrilling, for none of the events proved very exciting, though Horsman endeavoured to enliven the proceedings by bursting a tyre in one of the races. Dixon showed us some very pretty gear work, and his get-aways were unapproachable, but thereafter he contented himself with a gentle tour of the track, though whether this was due to the amount of oil which smothered his Douglas or an attack of the holiday feeling it is not easy to say.

H. le Vack was seen performing with small engined Coventry-Eagles, with which he secured two firsts without any trouble, and Horsman only won one race out of four, but on the following Tuesday we noticed him breaking records and covered one lap at 100.2 m.p.h.

Allchin and Marchant were present, but not in leather, and we were pleased to note that the former showed few signs of his recent spill at Kop Hill, though his left hand was still bandaged. Among the spectators were Messrs. Stratford, Williams and Gregory, the three riders from the Commonwealth, who will probably ride A. J.S. machines in the T.T.

The 250 c.c. Scratch Race.

This was won easily by H. le Vack, who on his 246 c.c. Coventry-Eagle (J.A.P.) was never hurried and ran in ahead of Johnston (Cotton-Blackbume) and Tottey (New Imperial). With his speed of 65.10 m.p.h. it will be seen that he had plenty up his sleeve.

The 350 c.c. Scratch Race.

R. Hopkins was determined that le Vack should not have all his own way in. this race, but when starting to force the pace, only succeeded in arousing the Jatter rider from a reverie on the beauties of the pine trees, with the result that le Vack won easily at a speed of 83.56 m.p.h. Hopkins was second and Mundey third on a New Hudson.

The 500 c.c. Scratch Race.

This time the proceedings were enlivened by a real race. Tottey, Walters and Williams got away together and in company with Judd on his Douglas started a real “honest to goodness” contest. It was disappointing to see the Douglas pack up as it was running to win and Williams (493 Sunbeam) ran home a winner at 88.62 m.p.h., followed by Walters on a similar mount, with Tottey third.

The 1,000 c.c. Five Lap Scratch Race.

With five good men at the starting line, something was expected of this race. Dixon started well, but failed to complete his second lap, Horsman was in trouble with misfiring and Baldwin had to retire on the last lap owing to his silencer coming adrift. This was hard luck, as his Matchless was running well and might easily have won. Thus Knight alone was left to compete with Temple’s McEvoy Temple and then his Zenith started to develop

some trouble, which sounded like a valve breakage, giving Temple a clear finish at 88.31 m.p.h. Not a very thrilling performance for a r000 c.c. machine Knight just managed to crawl over the finishing line for a second place when his machine gave up the ghost.

The 350 c.c. Handicap.

In this race Glover’s and Hall’s machines cracked up in the first lap leaving Milton (246 Beardmore-Precision) to take the victory away from Mundey (New Hudson), who was closely followed by Harman (0. K. Bradshaw). Winner’s speed 66.94 m.p.h.

The 500 c.c. Handicap.

For this event a good field of nineteen starters assembled at the post, amongst which the new P. & M. machine was prominent by reason of its aluminium finish and duplex engine support. Russell (490 Norton) had a good start, which he kept to the end, robbing the Sunbeams ridden by Cobbold and Williams of a victory which either of them would have deserved. Speed 78.67 m.p.h.

The 1,000 c.c. Handicap.

Dixon made his usual spectacular getaway and led for half a lap, but was afterwards overhauled by Horsman’s Triumph. Dixon held on until the last lap, when he slowed up a bit with the result that Walters (Zenith) took the second place, while Baldwin, the scratch man, brought up the rear. Horsman’s win at 93.72 m.p.h. was one of the outstanding performances of the day.

Expert Handicap up to 1,000 c.c. Out of a big field H. M. Walters again missed winning by a fraction ahd had the Zenith been running up to form, there is no doubt he would have been successful, but from his start he had a hard struggle to beat P. M. Walters on a 493 Sunbeam, who started with the winner, Denly (490 Norton), at 24 seconds. Baldwin was again