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Fire !

IT is rather surprising that so few car owners are aware of the latest regulations with regard to the storing of inflammable spirit in private garages.

Hitherto the regulations have affected only those who stored quantities of petrol in cans or by similar means, ‘but it has now been decided that the mere fact of having petrol in the tank of the car amounts to storing, and if any fuel is thus stored, efficient means of extinguishing fire must be provided.

We have, for many years, grumbled at the absurdities of some of our motoring laws, but this latest regulation is so obviously sensible in every way that no one could possibly find any cause for complaint. Handy portable fire extinguishers of well tried design are now obtainable at such a reasonable figure that it is a very short sighted policy to postpone getting one installed either on the car or in the garage, or both.

A very large number of motorists already carry extinguishers, and do not require any emphasis to be laid on the wisdom of the policy, but there are still a number who argue on the principle that fires are rare and that there is no need to bother “for the present.” The present is the only time worth bothering about, as when the engine “pops back” and sets the carburrettor alight it is very little use considering the fitting of an extinguisher !

Today we are so used to handling petrol that we are inclined to forget its danger. A petrol fire, when the right apparatus is available, is no more than an incident, but in the absence of effective means of dealing with it, it becomes a very serious matter. “Do it now” is rather an overworked piece of advice, but when used about fitting a fire extinguisher to a car is as good as ever.

Special Fuels for the Public

IN an earlier issue of MOTOR SPORT, there appeared an article pleading for the wider distribution of special fuels suitable for the high compression engines now used, and it is gratifying to see that the Shell Company, with their usual enterprise, have marketed what they term Racing Shell. This is not actually a ” dope ” or alcohol fuel, but a specially prepared spirit of normal characteristics as regards carburation and general behaviour, the one difference being that, owing to its special process of manufacture and composition which they are naturally not publishing, it will stand compression ratios that have before needed alcohol or special chemicals. MOTOR SPORT is at present using this fuel in carrying out a test of a high compression engine and further

details of the results obtained will be given in these columns at a later date. The chief advantage of this spirit is that owing to its having similar properties to ordinary petrol it may be mixed with it in any proportion according to the compression ratio. Used without dilution, it will stand a ratio of 9 to 1 approximately, while mixed in various proportions it will be found suitable for intermediate ratios in the region of 6 to 1.

The value of this fuel to MOTOR SPORT readers who use the same car for speed events as well as ordinary road work cannot be over-estimated.

Our Cover Picture.

This depicts Nuvolari, the winner of the 1930 BresciaRome-Brescia race. Over the 1000 mile course across the plains and mountains of Italy he drove his AlfaRomeo single-handed to victory at an average speed of 62.41 m.p.h. A full account of the race by our special correspondent will be found on page 10.

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