the car for the sports enthusiast

Sports Model with supercharger 4225. Without supercharger £185 works)

Equipment includes electric starting and lighting, horn, speedometer, revolution counter,oilgauge,hood and five wire wheels, with Dunlop tyres.

The Austin Seven Sports Model answers the demand for a very fast, very economical small car which the enthusiast can use equally well in sporting contests or for fast touring. Its extraordinary record of successes in road races, hill climbs and on the track—proving the car’s inherent dependability —are too numerous and well-known to need mention. The design of the Seven super sports conforms to the conditions for T.T., Grand Prix and Brooklands R.A.C. Races. It has a specially lowered frame and very comfortable seating

—with air cushions—giving perfectly safe riding at 8) m.p.h. The windscreen folds forward, the hood can be instantly raised or lowered, and the spare wheel and luggage are carried in a well at the rear. Special racing plugs are provided and a high second gear gives astonishing acceleration.

For the sports enthusiast, for high speed work on road and track, here indeed is a car of proved performance and of extraordinary fascination. Write for fuller particulars.

i Overall length to ft. Wheelbase 6ft. 3ins. Weight (approx) 84 cwt. Engine bore 2 . 2 ins. (56 m.m.). Stroke 3.0 ins. (76 rn.m.) 747 c.c. R.A.C. rating 7.8 h.p. Ignition by coil. On supercharged mo.,e1, by magneto. Single-plate clutch. Three forward speeds and reverse. Ratios 4.9 to i; 7 to i ; and 12.5 to i ; reverse 0.5 to t. Three-quarter floating rear-axle, %.)ith final drive by shaft and helical bevel. Semi-elliptic front spring, quarter el4tics at rear. Worm and wheel steering. 51 gallon fuel tank

with reserve tap. Also an air pump and pressure gauge for petrol feed on supercharged model. AUSTIN READ THE AUSTIN MAGAZINE : 4d. EVERY MONTH The Austin Motor Company Ltd., Longbridge, Birmingham. Showrooms, also Service Station for the Austin Seven : 479-483 Oxford St., London, W.’. Showrooms and Service Station : Holland PantHall,W.t r