Special offer to “Motor Sport ” enthusiasts. 30 days FREE TEST MASSA the new master plug with the new construction that gives a higher standard of performance and efficiency and all these guaranteed added advantages: Easier Starting Higher Maximum Speed Improved Petrol Consumption CANNOT OIL-UP Cannot Over-heat Cannot Soot-up Longer Life Chromium Plating CANNOT BURN OUT Firing Points Always Clean Improve Acceleration 4.. Because “Motor ^ Sport” enthusiasts are always keen on testing outstanding technical motoring developments, we make this 30-days free test offer. Massa is not just another ordinary plug. It incorporates a new construction that is the outcome of years of experiment and experience. Use coupon below and give Massa a’ thorough test, without any obligation remember/ your money will be returned in full if you are not ; completely satisfied. This offer is limited to “Motor Sport” enthusiasts and, therefore, is only available direct to The Massa Sparking Flag Co. Ltd., 178, High Street, Teddington, Middlesex. Please send me, Name Address Number of Masts Sparking Plugs, 5/6 each required .suitable for (name of car, motor cycle or motor boat) I enclose P.O., Cheque “MOTOR SPORT” SPECIAL OPFER Chromium plated Bri tisliniade Guaran teed 5/6 COUPON

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