Dublin Hill-Climb.



Dublin Hill-Climb.

N the de Selby hill-climb, held near Dublin recently, fastest car time on

handicap was made by Miss C. Comerford, on a Hillman Minx. The course was half a mile in length and had an average gradient of 1 in 12.


Up to 1,100 c.c.-1, Miss V. Comerford, Hillman Minx (6 secs.), 44 secs.; 2, D. P. Harris, G.N. (5 secs.), 49.5 secs.; 3, 8. R. Sheane, 31.0. Midget (4 sees.), 52.2 secs.

Unlimited c.c.-1, D. P. Harris, G.N. (5 secs.), 48.5 sees.; 2, Miss Comerford, Hillman Minx (6 secs.), 50.5 sees.; 3, J. Gordon Burney, Lea-Francis (3 secs.), 47.9 secs.

The T.T.

Regulations for the 1933 Tourist Trophy Race at Belfast are now available from the R.A.C. The race will take place on September 2nd, over 35 laps of the 13 2/3 miles Ards Circuit. Copies of the regulations can be obtained from the secretary, R.A.C., Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.

Hastings Rally Echo.

ALL competitors will have received a copy of the interesting booklet issued by the R.A.C. in connection with the Hastings Rally. It gives individual markings and times in the Acceleration and Braking, and Stop and Restart tests, and also the Coachwork Competition. It is possible, however, that extra copies may be required for passengers and crew of cars in the Rally, and these may be obtained from the Secretary, R.A.C., Pall Mall, London, 6d.