The fiat Suspension.



The Fiat Suspension.

Following the appeal lodged by the Italian R.A.C. against the suspension of all Fiat cars all over the world in competitions, it now transpired that the cause of the bother was an unofficial trial by a firm in Spain. It looks now as though the matter will soon be adjusted for good.

French G.P.

Entries are already being handed in for the French G.P. to be held on Monthlery Track in June, among them being Earl Howe (Bugatti) and Guy Bouriat (Bugatti). Marcel Lehou_x and G. E. T. Eyston have entered cars of unspecified make.

Another “Stable.”

The latest group, or ” stable ” to be formed in Italy is the Campresoni, which will have Gherzi as its first-string driver. The cars so far collected are a 2.3 Bugatti once owned by Varzi, and a streamlined V.8 Ford.

The Thirteenth Criterium di Roma.

Fastest time in the Criterium di Roma, the 9 mile hill-climb which opened the Italian season, was made by Quarantotti, on an Alfa P omeo, who averaged 61.68 m.p.h. Second was Castelbarco (Maserati), Ruesch (Alfa Romeo) was third, and fourth in the general classification came Count Lurani, on a new 1,100 c.c. Maserati.

A Hill-Climb at Marseilles.

The Paris-Nice Rally concluded with a timed ascent of the Boulevard Michelet, one kilometre in length, at Marseilles. There were two divisions, one for the Rally competitors, and another open to all corners. In the former fastest time was made by Dupuy, on a Bugatti, in 34 secs., who beat Foucret’s Le Mans Mercedes-Benz by 4/5 second. In the open class fastest time in the sports classes was put up by Rey (Bugatti 2 litre), in 32 seconds, beating Morand’s larger Bugatti by 2/5 second. Finally

came the racing categories, with the usual crop of” Bugattisti.” Fastest time of the day was naturally to be expected from the 3 litre class, and the honour finally went to Canin (Bugatti), with a time of 28 1/5 seconds. Count Czaikowsky (Bugatti) was second, in 30 secs., Falchetto (Bugatti) third in 32 seconds, while other good times were recorded by Trintignant (Bugatti), 33 2/5 secs., and Brainard (Bugatti) 34 secs.

Speed Trials at Nice.

Speed Trials were recently held at Nice over a course of 500 kilometres. Competitors had a rolling start of. a further 500 kilometres, and fastest time of the day was made by Falchetto on a 2.3 Bugatti, who recorded a speed of roughly 104 m.p.h. Brainard and Canin, also on Bugattis, were second, 1/5 sec. slower, followed by Trintignant (Bugatti), Villars (Alfa Romeo), Zanelli (Alfa Romeo) and Tadini (Alfa Romeo).

Grasse Hill-Climb.

In a hill-climb held over a one-mile course at Grasse recently fastest time of the day was made by Morand on a 2.3 sports type Bugatti, in lm. 5 3/5s., who beat Martinetti on a racing 1,100 c.c. Salmson by 1/5 sec.

An Alfa recruit.

Guy Moll, the brilliant young Algerian. driver who created an excellent impression in the Marseilles G.P. last year, and the Pau G.P. in February, at the wheel of a Bugatti once owned by Marcel Lehoux, has just ordered a 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo, of which he will obtain delivery on May 15th.

Two Cancellations.

The race on the Montjuich circuit, in Spain, which was to have taken place on May 7th, and the Prix Royal of Rome, to have been held on May 28th, have been cancelled.

The Chanteloup Hill-Climb Revived.

At one time the Chanteloup Hill-Climb was an event of some importance on the calendar, but of late years it has fallen into oblivion. An effort was made this year to revive the event, which, aided by magnificent weather, proved entirely successful. Fastest time of the day was made by Scaron, on a 6 cylinder Amilcar, who beat the old record held by” Sabipa ” by 2 k.p.h. Second was Jacob Marcel, on a 2 litre Bugatti.

La Turbie.

In spite of fine weather conditions the record for the La Turbie hill-climb was not beaten on April 6th this year. The record stands to the credit of Wimille, who made it last year at the wheel of a 4.9 Bugatti. This year Wimille again made fastest time, but his 2.3 Alfa Romeo could not beat his last year’s speed. Good times were put up by Zanelli (Alfa Romeo), Falchetto, Braillard and Trintig-nant (all on Bugattis). There were several minor mishaps, and one serious accident when a Bugatti driven by Wicky charged a wall, overturned, and seriously injured the driver.

RESULTS. Sports :

1,100 c.c., Bondy (Salrason) 4m. 40s.

1,500 c.c., Marret (Bugatti), 4m. 22s.

2,000 c.c., Falchetto (Bugatti), 4m. 8 3/5s.

3,000 c.c., Walthausen (Alfa Romeo), 4m. 12 3/4s.

5,000 c.c., Mahe (Bugatti), 4m. 47s.

8,000 c.c., Foucret (Mercedes-Benz), 4m. 41s. Racing:

750 c.c., Casadio (Mathis), 5m. 9 3/5s.

1,100 c.c., Chambost (Salmson), 4m. 4s.

2,000 c.c., Maag (Bugatti), 4m. 17 4/5s.

3,000 c.c., 1, Wimille (Alfa Romeo), 3m. 53 3/5s. ; 2, Zanelli (Alfa Romeo), 3m. 55s.; 3, Falchetto (Bugatti) 3m. 58 2/5s. ; 4, Braillard (Bugatti), 3m. 59 4/5s.; 5, Trintignant (Bugatti), 4m. 1 3/5s. ; 6, de Villars (Alfa Romeo), 4m. 10 1/5s.

8,000 c.c., De Bremond (Mathis) 5m. 19s.

The German G.P.

The date of the German G.P. has been postponed from July 23rd to October 1st, and the course changed from the Nurbttrg Ring to the Avus Track, Berlin. The regulations are now available, and show that a ” formule libre ” has been adopted. This makes the race suitable for the suggested new Mercedes-Benz, and speculation is rife in Continental motoring circles as to whether they will be completed in time for the race in October. Meanwhile, a very interesting piece of news has been announced by the Paris

newspaper ” L’Auto,” to the effect that the famous German engineer, Porsche, has designed a new 3 litre racing car for the firm of Horch. The car will have 16 cylinders, two blowers, independent wheelsuspension, 5 speed gear box, automatically adjustable brakes, and is expected to develop 320 h.p. The house of Horch has not raced since the Prince Henry Cup Race of pre-war days, and the team of drivers to handle the cars has already been announced as Prince Leiningen, Hans Stuck, and J. Sebastian, Caracciola’s one-time reserve driver.

The Tripoli G.P.

The Grand Prix of Tripoli, which was to have taken place on March 19th, has been held over until May 7th, on an application made by the Royal Automobile Club of Italy.

The Targa Florio.

On May 7th will take place the world’s most famous road race, the Targa Florio, in Sicily. Seven laps of the new 72 kilometre circuit will have to be covered, giving a total of 504 kilometres. The prize money amounts to 50,000 lire.